Canada Staffing

Canada Staffing

Canada is known as the primary location for several foreign workers who are searching for their next employment opportunity. This country here always boasts a diverse and strong economy having the best standards of competitive wages, workplace safety, and many other perks for career development and growth.

Working in Canada is always an appealing option for many foreign skilled workers. Every year, around 200,000 foreign workers come to Canada in order to find a job and advance in their careers. According to Statistics Canada, the Canadian staffing industry usually consist of around 2 million contractual workers or in other terms 13.6% of the country’s workforce.

Recently, job seekers are targeting staffing agencies active in the IT, engineering, finance, healthcare, and other sectors in order to find their next career opportunity. In order to get a job in Canada, a foreign skilled worker must have an offer of employment from any Canadian employer and be provided with a Temporary Foreign Working Permit.

In another case, if you are searching for a new opportunity in Canada then it may require you to know your NOC Code or the National Occupation Classification Code. This NOC code is utilized to classify the different types of employment according to Canadian standards.

At Synopsizor Technologies Inc., we have been in this Canada Staffing industry for several years now. Our professionals here hold the best and the highest level of experience in this staffing sector who can offer you a unique depth of Canadian staffing knowledge so that you don’t have any difficulty in grabbing your next role in any Canadian company. In case, you are considering to avail the next employment opportunity, then give us a call and we will help you to take your next step.

Our greatest strength here is in recognizing and sourcing talent which has helped us to establish the best partnerships with leading IT, process, and infrastructure companies. On the other hand, our talent acquisition specialists center on dedicated disciplines and verticals. Hence, this provides them a detailed understanding of candidate requirements. Our domain knowledge and best customer service guarantee that projects are staffed in scheduled time with the best satisfaction results. Our team of Canadian recruiters works very closely with vetted qualified candidates to ensure that they are the best fit for the project.

At Synopsizor Technologies Inc., we have a duty of being responsible corporate citizens and hence take the best care of the communities both socially and environmentally. The team here is totally committed to giving back to the country as we perform our activities across Canada. We are trying to build stronger communities so that they can help other people achieve their goals and objectives.